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Let’s Address Your Stress

It’s a different and chaotic world we’re living in right now! The stresses of life have grown or changed for many of us. Figuring out how to work from home, loss or reduction of employment, and restricted contact with friends and family all have the potential to affect us both physically and emotionally. In these times where so many people have stepped up to help others, we must monitor and maintain our well-being.

Everyone is unique, as is the formula for addressing health needs. What is similar among humans is our body’s reaction to stress. We crave foods high in fat and sugar and gain weight due to excess calories. Also, our body’s immune system becomes suppressed, increasing the risk of illness or disease. It is important to address stress before it leads to chronic health conditions. Health coaches are trained to help individuals find the best way to reduce stress.

As a Master Certified Health Coach, I want to do my part to help others reduce stress during this pandemic. I am offering a free health coaching session to anyone that reaches out to me. During this free session, we will explore your strengths, identify relaxation strategies, and establish some personal goals to improve your quality of life. All we need to connect is a telephone or an internet connection. Sign up below.